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King’s French Toast

  Print Recipe King’s French Toast King’s french toast is made with King’s bakery bread. This bread was originally in Hawaii but since they have…

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Taro Seafood Cake

  Print Recipe Taro Seafood Cake This Taro cake recipe is a tasty Hawaiian side dish that I’m sure you and your guests will enjoy…

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Hawaiian Poke

  Print Recipe Hawaiian Poke For this Hawaiian poke you need the freshest fish you can find. Traditionally you would use Ahi tuna, otherwise known…

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Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding

  Print Recipe Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding This Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding is made with King’s Hawaiian sweet bread, it’s round, soft and very sweet,…

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Kona Buffalo Chili Beans Recipe

Print Recipe Kona Buffalo Chili Beans Recipe In reviewing some old recipes from my old Hawaiian days, I came across this gem by Margaret Crockett….

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Hawaiian Beef Jerky – Pipikaula

Print Recipe Hawaiian Beef Jerky – Pipikaula Hawaiian beef jerky is moister than it’s mainland counterpart because it’s cut thicker into larger strips. It has…

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Hawaiian Haupia Dessert Recipe

  Print Recipe Hawaiian Haupia Dessert Recipe This Hawaiian Haupia Dessert is a true Hawaiian dessert served at all luaus. It’s a great, not too…

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Fried Rice Recipe

  Print Recipe Fried Rice Recipe This fried rice recipe is great for taking care of that left-over rice from the day before. Hawaiians don’t…

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Macaroni and Potato Salad Recipe

  Print Recipe Macaroni and Potato Salad Recipe Hawaii is noted for it’s great plate lunch served with Macaroni and Potato salad. You usually get…

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Oven Kalua Pork Recipe

Print Recipe Oven Kalua Pork Recipe This kalua pork recipe is about as close as you will get to the real thing without digging an…

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Hawaiian Hamburgers Recipe

Print Recipe Hawaiian Hamburgers Recipe This Hawaiian hamburger dish is not served with hamburger buns…use rice with it. This is a unique recipe which entails…

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Lomi Lomi Salmon Recipe

Print Recipe Lomi Lomi Salmon Recipe This is an original recipe of Lomi Lomi Salmon from traditional luaus and is best eaten along with some…

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